Monday, January 05, 2009

Facing Your Fear

Needles have always freaked me out.
I have no recollection of having a bad incident as a child. Though as I got older, the fear became worse. You'd think when I went through chemo treatment 17 years ago, I would have gotten used to them. When I must have a blood test done, I always mention to the nurse to remind me to breathe so I don't pass out.

I decided this past week that I was going to face this fear. No longer will I allow is to effect me this way. To do this, I am going to donate blood.

After all, I received 2 transfusions during treatment and seems only right to start giving some back. It's been long overdue!

Well, today I found out that I can't donate.
I am really bummed!
Since I had Hodgkin's Disease, I am not eligible to donate.

I don't let the word can't be used in our house, so to be told this is a bit unsettling. I will come up with a way to help out the Red Cross for what they did for me years ago, as well as, overcome this needle things I've got going on.

What fear have you overcome?


auntieP said...

Needles creep me out as well, so I do understand. I was able to overcome the unreasonable fear when I got ill, and we had a new baby in the family that was a premie, I was not allowed near her untill I had all kind of shots. It helped me when I thought about how silly it would be if I where not to do it because of my fear. You have been thru alot of procedures already I am sure, so try to put a little "poke" into your mind next time around, and think of how quickly it will be over. I also used some pinching of my ear, with the other hand, it did help. Now as far as the Red Cross goes, call them and tell them you want to help, and are unable to donate, they have a great need for help all of the time, they will put you to work. Your desire to "pay forward" or "pay back" shows what kind of person you are, good for you! Good Luck, and Happy New Year

Angie Weid said...

@auntieP - Thanks for your words.