Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little Bit of Help Goes a Long Way

We all can feel overwhelmed.
After a good, productive day's work you come home and you get hit with piles of laundry, desk covered in papers, dishes on the counter and no milk in the frig. AAaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
Even you, the most calm, cool and collected person, are entitled to SNAP.

Maybe you don't scream and you just give up.
Resolve yourself to "this is the way it is."
Well, you should never settle. You deserve more.

Ellen was feeling overwhelmed in her home office.
"I just left it as is so you can see the mess."

PERFECT! I love messy rooms.
This allows me to really see what's happening.

Ellen began by describing to me what each pile was for in the room, how she uses the area to work and what she would like to see her office to function. With that info, we began to dive into the papers, sort out the dated items and get Ellen's office into shape.

Ellen could not believe how much better her office felt. She had a plan on how to use her office more efficiently.
"This is just what I needed," she said to me.

Ellen worked along side me to learn about how to better use her space. She utilized my organizing know-how to get the most out of her project and now LOVES her office.

Where could you use a little bit of help?

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Anonymous said...

I could use help everywhere, but mostly in the living room (which includes our "office") and bedroom. I'm sure soon enough, I would need help in the nursery too. LoL!

I've never been too organized.