Friday, August 15, 2008


All I'm saying is, "Dang!"

What can you lift over your head while painted gold?


Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

holy wow

Phyllis said...

I'm not often speechless, but this leaves me so. For several reasons. Maybe this can replace softball in the Olympics?

Anonymous said...

I am speechless too! You know we haven't heard anything about good ol' NIMROD (always cracks me up). Is he behaving? Can't imagine so....

SOUL said...

omg..that hurts my back just to watch...
but tell me, how can most hubbys be nuthin but clumsy , and these guys have such grace.
mine backed his truck smack into my car parked behind his once. cut half his finger off washing a motorcycle-- yep-- washing-- not riding... almost cut his leg off with a power saw-- building a skateboard when he was ten.. and to be honest-- he probably couldnt pick ME up like that without droppin me on my noggin.
what gives???
happy humpday angie baby--

Angie Weid said...

@Jacki -I know ... good stuff

@Phyllis - This would be an olympic event to watch!

@Anonymous - Oh, he's out there still doing his thing ... stay tuned.

@Soul - You got a great man who happens to be a touch clumsy. He's still awesome in my books!
Happy humpday to you!!

SOUL said...

you're a great friend angie--
too bad you live in such a cold far away place.
you should come visit ME.
it's gonna start gettin cold up there ya know-- and you'll actually want some of this texas heat :))

happy weekend-- what's left of it-
did ya see the saturday with soulman idea-- sounds fun-- first on will be next sat. oughtta come chat with the man.
hope you and your boys are well