Monday, August 11, 2008

A Ducky Garage

As I pulled into Cherry Hill Village, I immediately thought,

"this is the coolest neighborhood!"

It reminded me of what I thought old neighborhoods use to look like. Not one home was the same.
Big porches with swings on them.
Huge neighborhood parks.
A downright, friendly place to call home.

"Beth" asked me to come help get her garage in order. She had some great storage space, just was not utilizing it. Beth moved in about 5 years ago, then aquired more items from family members. Her car fit into the garage, but the rest of the space was stacked with stuff.

Where do you start with a project like this?
With the box that is right before you.

Beth and I began sorting out her boxes: Christmas, donations, garden supplies, sports gear and, yes, trash. Once Beth could see what all she had, then we could come up with a plan to store all her needed items.

In the end, Beth was left with a load of items for donation and another for recycling. She also had a small sorting project to do on her own. That being the boxes left in this picture. These contained some personal items. I did not just leave Beth with the task. Her job was to get this stuff sorted by the next week prior to trash day.

I followed up with Beth to make sure she stayed on track. YEAH! She got it done and loves pulling into her organized garage. Beth said her organizing experience was "Just Ducky!"

Beth, glad I could help you out and thanks for bringing me to your wonderful neighborhood.

What's cool about your neighborhood?


Anonymous said...

The only thing I really like (yet hate at the same time) about where I live is that you have to have a military ID in order to get in...or be escorted by someone with a Military ID. It makes me feel just a little more safe.

SOUL said...

ummm.... nuthin is cool about my neiborhood-- specially during school season-- which is rught around the corner-- speakin of right around the corner-- not only do we live right across the street from the middle school-- which makes our house a magnet to the little destructive punks who like to torment our dogs, and push on our dilapidated fence!
but it also brings loads of cars all over the entire and normally empty streets within walking distance--yes, including my front yard--- with parents who pick up the little pukes.; ughh.

how bout yours angie/

my garage is ten times worse than that before pic-- goo-lawd i gotta get sortin for a yard sale---- but i been sayin that for over a year.
i would actually do it if soeone would help me-- but all my promised help always backs out -- ehem... (no-- not her-peeps-- it's my own peoples-)

happy friday-- baby!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Angie!