Monday, August 04, 2008

Road Trip!

My boys are with their father and I am off on a road trip with a my man.

Our direction is north, with a loose plan of our adventure through Canada to Michigan's UP (upper peninsula to the entire world outside Michigan), returning home at some point.

Everyone have fun and be safe.....I leave you with this picture:

I was chatting with a friend on the phone as I headed for my pedicure. Pulled into a divey little bar to turn my car around.

Can't figure out what is funnier:
1. FU
2. Frigid Units
3. "Living Stream"

.......Kinda makes me want to stop go inside and find out what Frigid Units is all about......then again maybe I don't........

Where did your latest road trip lead you?


SOUL said...

hope you have a blast !!
and not a frigid one :))
ahhh i crack my own self up sometimes.

happy road trip-- check in when you get back--

happy humpday

Debby said...

What about the lower photo -- Mark's Industrial Machine!?!?

Angie Weid said...

@Soul - My road trip was fantastic!

@Debby - You know I didn't even notice "Mark's Industrial Machine." What makes that funny is my roadtrip adventure was with a guy named Mark.

I'm gonna have to find some time and find out what this businesses are all about.........

SOUL said...

what'd ya find out?????
inquiring minds want to know---