Sunday, July 20, 2008

With Garages, You've Gotta Have a Junk Pile

Man it's a hot one,
Like 7 inches from the midday sun

Santana with Rob Thomas "Smooth" was running through my head as "Tracy" and I began working on her garage.

It was a beautiful 90 degF with about 110% humidity summer day in Michigan. I love summer heat and would much rather sweat like a pig than freeze my little tushie off.

Onto Tracy's garage ........
We decided to pull nearly everything out of her garage.

As we did this piles were created:
- kids stuff
- bikes
- garden/landscaping
- tools
- junk (gotta have a junk pile)
- home decor

By pulling everything out of the garage Tracy was able to see, and find, everything she had. She swept out the floor as I installed some wall storage hooks and racks to get things up off the floor.

Then we set up a storage areas for kids stuff and garden/landscaping items. The tools were sorted and organized into the tool cabinet and benches. The home decor items were put away. And the junk ....... well, that got curbed to the road.

In just over 4 hours, Tracy's garage was transformed
from a "disaster zone" to "WOW!"

With time and energy left, we moved onto the basement and were able to get her son's band area tidied up a bit and came up with a game plan for the overall basement organization.

Man, it was a hot day. Tracy was pleased with her new garage. Her kids were shocked at what we accomplished. "Can you do my bedroom?" her daughter asked me.

Do you prefer to work the heat of summer or the chill of winter?


Anonymous said...

I prefer the cool fall or warm spring to either of those, though out WA summer started out fairly cool and is getting back to the nice and cool again.

SOUL said...

gimmee sweat-- or shoot me dead...
i hate winter.
it's much easier to cool off, than to layer up, and try to get warm. it just doesn't happen. ever. and the heater always dries my skin and i can't breathe, and i hate the smell. and the cold hurts me.
and i feel like i weigh five hundred pounds in three shirts and a coat and a oompa loompa suit.

i just wanna move to the tropics somewhere - and never ever be cold.. ever.