Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Enough is Enough ... We are all better off than ever!

Gas Pump Prices Rising.

Obama and McCain Square Off Over Poor Economy.
A-Rod's Wife Files For Divorce.

Honestly.....How is your life?
Not the stuff you have.

Your life. Who you are.

Take away all the stuff surrounding you and take inventory of what cannot be purchased.

Stop reading the headlines and listening to the Top Story of the day on the news.

Start thinking about yourself and what you accomplished today to make your life better for yourself. For your family.
What did you do to challenge yourself?
Who did you make smile and laugh?
How are you helping others?

Stuff wise:
If you have a flat screen TV, XBox, Wii or Playstation3, you're doing OK. (none of these are in our home)

If you have a computer, internet service, cell phone or Blackberry, I bet you're ahead of where you were 5-10 years ago technology wise.

Look at the current price of a few common items in US$/gallon:
Pepsi/Coke $5.33
Minute Maid Orange juice $6.99
Propel Water $7.68
Monster Energy Drink $12.80
Blue Moon Beer $14.22
Starbuck Frappucino Iced Coffee $20.48
Evian Water $21.19
Robert Mondavi Chardonnay $28.16

Current International Gas Prices (US$/gal):
Australia $6.56
Japan $6.75
UK $8.79
France $8.80
Germany $8.88
Netherlands $9.90
Italy $8.96
Kuwait $2.39
Saudi Arabia $1.69
(well, I guess there's no shipping costs to the last two)

Sure, we all want to pay a fair price for gas.
Compared to other nations, we are doing pretty good with gas prices.

Gas sold for about $0.31/gal in 1959
($2.18 for today's inflation).
Now it's about $4.15/gal = 90% increase

Oh, Coca Cola sold for $0.05/bottle in 1959
($0.35 for today's inflation).
Today it's $1.50/bottle = 328% increase

Hmmmm....no one is complaining about the price of Coke or Pepsi.
And energy drinks are flying off the shelf.

Bottled water ... Remember, Coke and Pepsi start out as bottled water before the sugars and colorings are added. Bottled water is a cost savings to the corporations, though they charge the same for water as other products. Interesting.

You will not find me complaining about the economy or the gas prices.

I just can't get involved in the negativity.

I'm an optimist and full of the belief that times are challenging, and you must rise and meet challenges.

How do you feel about today's headlines?


Anonymous said...

I am lucky and pay less than you for food and stuff. We rarely buy pop anymore, nor bottles of water (I do have to continue buying a big thing of water until I get my Brita pitcher though...my water makes me sick).

Gas for us is the same as out in town...$4.35 and rising...though it just got back down to town prices, as it was higher for a few months. I live on a military base...everything is supposed to be cheaper!

I go without if I feel something is too expensive...especially with Josh not getting paid much. In the "real world" he could be getting paid triple for an easier job...but at least the Navy is steady income.

My life though...it's wonderful. Yes, we have THINGS too, but life itself is great. Both Josh and I are happy and still in love, neither us nor our cat goes hungry or without love, and we have been blessed with a baby :)

The only thing we miss is that we can't frivolously (sp) spend our money now because we do have to save for the upcoming birth of our baby...though, that'll be easier once Josh re-enlists and gets the big bonus.

Louise Kahle said...

Fear, worry and complaints will attract more fear, worry and things to complain about into your life.
I choose happiness. It really is a choice.
For a lift, listen to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy"