Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Proud Motorcycle

Women have a way of banding together to support one another. I'm not a guy, so I can't speak to what y'all do. Guys are great, I love um, especially when I have a really, really, really hard jar to open.

My friend, Julie Higby, bought me a motorcycle!! (see this post for the story why)
She shot right up my favorite friends list. Julie wrote:

I heard you decided against buying a motorcycle so thought I would
buy one for you. .... Stick this card up in your garage somewhere, at least you can brag you have a motorcycle at home.

How AWESOME is that?!
You bet my new motorcycle is going to be prestigiously placed in my garage. (that's 'gare-raj' as Julie says, crazy Aussie)
Julie you ROCK!!

Women are amazing. You give so much of yourself, sacrificing your needs before others, compromising when you should not, triumphing against life's challenges and pushing yourself to reach your dreams. The road you take is long, hard and at times lonely. In the end, you know to look around at where you came from, see what you have endured and you should be proud.

Take a moment and reflect upon what you are proud about yourself. This is not about what your kids/grandkids did.

This is about YOU.

Simple self pride.
It's OK to dabble in this deadly sin.

"Everything in moderation," is what I believe.

What three women are you proud of?
... ya need to go tell them.


Anonymous said...

That Julie Higby. She IS a cool woman.

I am proud of myself. (There you have it, a little dose of self pride!)

I am proud of my sister for surviving as an employee of Owens Corning for over 30 years. She just landed a new job in inside sales.

I am proud of my niece. She is an awesome Spanish teacher who recently won Technology Teach of the Year (state of Ohio level) and University of Toledo Alumna Young Educator of the Year.

I am proud of my mom. She is the most independent 79-year-old woman I've ever known.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm.. me, myself and I! LOL...
haha just kiddin... well sort of. myself is one...but i am proud of my nieces...that makes three.

SOUL said...

yankee cracks me up-- she's come a long way in the land of blog--dontcha think?

i spose i am also proud of simonsays/jamie=== not sure how much you know about her-- but she is an amazing woman..and person in general.

and the third is a tossup-- i don't think i can limit it to three-- i know (now-in comaparison to a year ago) -- a lot of women to be proud of.

and to be totally honest YOU my friend happen to be one of them!

happy mothers day-- i hope it is FULL of happy surprises for you!

Anonymous said...

Good post.