Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can You Breathe In Your Office?

Sweet home Alabama,

da dadah da dah da dah.
Where the skies are so blue ......

Hearing this song I reached for my phone, it's not ringing?
Odd...that's one of my ringtones.
But it wasn't me it, was Michelle's phone.....We have the same ringtone. How crazy cool it that?!

Michelle has a home office where she runs her photography business GSK Creations. She creates customized action sports posters for a school sports teams. With the school season coming to an end, she is quite busy and her office had gotten out of control.

"Just have Angie come help you, it is so worth it,"
my good friend Cheryl told Michelle.
(thank you ROCK!)

Michelle explained to me how an old table was just being used to stack stuff on and a cabinet was for hiding items she didn't want to look at. Both of these were to be moved out of the room. We purged supplies that were not used and moved out the extra furniture. Slid a shelving unit and the room just opened up!

"WOW! I can breathe in this room again,"
she said.
There was much more space for Michelle to get her orders packaged for delivery. We talked about getting some track shelving on the open wall which would be perfect for Michelle's paper and other business supplies. And, these are something she can install herself. Remember: Just gotta catch those studs to hold the weight of paper!

If there is a room, or even a drawer, in your home that is feeling a bit suffocating, perhaps it is time to grab a few garbage bags and start purging.

Take in a deep breath,
You'll be amazed at the feeling of fresh air.

What's the coolest ringtone you've heard?


SOUL said...

ringtones actually irritate me... they don't register as a phone ringing to me. isn't that weird? i know ....i'm no fun at all. :((
hubby used to have "crazy train" by ozzy as his ringtone-- it would scare old ladies-- so if any-- that was the best! (but still-- he had it for a year-- and many times-- i didn't realize it was a phone. i don't know why.
mine, is a regular boring phone ring--AND vibrate-- cuz sometimes--i don't even register the RING.
just put me in a home somewhere. :)) and visit occasionally.

and while you're at it
"organize me"". :))

happy thursday!!!

Cheryl Engfer said...

I see you've worked your magic AGAIN! Looks great!!!

Michelle is very fun AND very busy! Aren't her pictures AMAZING??

Ring tones hmmmm I have "Calypso" on my Blackberry cuz it sounds like a tropical lil jig and on my personal phone...well its a lil singy ring--hard to hear cuz the damn manufactuerer of my phone put the speaker on the BACK OF THE PHONE--DUH so when its setting on the counter, ya can't hear it. Drives me nuts!

Anonymous said...

I make all my own ringtones, so my favorite has to be either "Baby Got Back" or "Crazy Bitch". I need to make more soon though.

SOUL said...

psst-- it aint wednesday anymore--where are you?

hope you're havin a great weekend!