Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Playing Hooky

I never skipped a day when I was in school.
Guess I was just terrified that my mom would find out, though not really sure what my punishment would have been and likely she would have not been the wiser to my fun and frolic. So, what I was unable to do in my childhood I recreate through my boys. Hey if throughout my boys life I am going to cause psychological damage such as "just add it to their therapy list" moments, why not create some unforgettable smiles that are ear-to-ear moments?

Jacob and I went to Cedar Point for his first introduction to rollercoasters. Cedar Point is THE Roller Coaster capital of the world. I have created a MONSTER! This little dude, just at the minimum 48 inch height to ride (I told him not to fart or he'd be too short), rode hands up, first seat on the Millenium -- 300 ft vertical drop, 80 deg decent, near 100 mph. Since we went on a Thursday, we rode all the coasters over and over, closing the park. He crashed within 10 minutes on the ride home.
"This is the best day of my life" he said to me.

Matthew wanted to go hiking, so we spent the day exploring Farnsworth Metropark which he had never visited. He loved it! We saw some huge fish, 10 cranes and found one toad. The best part came when we came across the rock cliffs along the Maumee River. His eyes just lit up.

"Do you think I can climb up there?"
"Matthew, you can do anything you believe. Go for it."
OK, I was a bit scared watching him climb 20ft up.
This isn't something Matthew has done.
The pride on his face when he reached the top - PRICELESS!

My boys both understood this was a very special day they each had. Skipping school is not something that I condone. Though you bet we will be playing hooky next Spring to ride some coasters, climb some rocks or do whatever activity that day brings.

What do you do when you play hooky?


SOUL said...

just so you know angie-- you are an awesome gal-- and an awesome mom -
neither of your boys are gonna forget this day-- ever !

i wasn't one to skip school either-- for the same reason as you-- only i had a pretty darn good idea what the outcome would be had i got caught.

days i did miss school, i was either obviously sick as a dog-- or moving--
(we moved ALOT.)
other than that- i was wherever i was supposed to be.

i hope you filled an album with pix of that stuff-- you have some amazing memories there. :))

hope you have a great day today!

Angie Weid said...

Soul - THANKS!! We enjoyed each day together. Hope your day full of big giant bass.

Anonymous said...

We took our kids to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios last week. They officially missed 3 days of school!!!! (For Holly, it was preschool, so that doesn't really count!)

We too had roller coaster riots plus stunt show spectacles -- and were even on stage with the Beauty half of Beauty and the Beast. Holly got to hug Belle and Jacob played Gaston! What a hoot!

Techietami said...

I took my oldest on a cruise with me at the end of April. It was part of a conference at which I spoke, but I decided to take him along. I figured it would be a experience that we might never have the chance to share again as he is in his junior year in high school. Teenage boys don't often smile at things their moms do, but I could certainly tell that he enjoyed himself!