Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ooooh ...... We Have Shelves!

Sometimes it's the little things that make people get excited and smile. In this case it was new shelves in the garage that made "John's" wife happy. Seemed John forgot to tell his wife about the project, though she was quite excited about me being there. They had a great big garage, lots of wonderful toys, lawn gadgets, sports equipment, camping gear and pool supplies all kinda scattered about.
"Angie, you gotta do something about this. Can you help?"
John asked me

Getting some nice long shelves installed for storage was the first thing I suggested. This is a great area to keep items that are not used frequently: coolers, camping supplies and fishing poles. All John's long handled tools were scattered around the garage. So, a storage rack was hung on the wall along with his grass trimmer and blower. Added one of my favorite organizing racks, The Muscle Rack. This puppy holds 1,000 lbs (454 kg) of weight on each shelf - SWEET! Now, there is an area for all the yard and landscaping supplies.

On to this little cubbie area near the door to the home.
This is a great area to put in some little shelves for household supplies. Another Muscle Rack was used but split to provide storage place underneath and a working surface. Since this area is close to the door entrance, this is great for bottle water supply storage and other bulk item storage. The kids sports equipment is easy to reach, too.

Finally, the most active area of the garage.
This is where the bikes, trucks, scooters and such all move in and out constantly. Everything was pulled out. A few items set aside to be parted with, floor swept up and another Muscle Rack assembled in side-by-side shelves. The kids have the ability to get to stuff to play with and put away. The family outdoor games are moved to this area.

John was pretty pleased with the project and even more happy his wife was excited. They have a bit of work to sort through a pile of items that they are no longer using, though it won't take them very long. John's wife was excited about the new shelves, and John was happy to score a few "brownie points."

Honestly guys......you can never have too many brownie points.

What did you do to score some brownie points?


Anonymous said...

LoL! The only thing I've done for brownie points lately is laundry. I've been so tired and headachey that I haven't done anything. Though...I think that's changing today...I have an energy day...it's crazy!

Angie Weid said...

Stevie - enjoy the energy surge while you can, just don't overdo it.