Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rainbow Closet

A closet is a small and enclosed space, a cabinet, or a cupboard in a house or building used for general storage or hanging clothes. A closet for food storage is usually referred to as a pantry.

Well, that's how Wikipedia defines "closet." I did not know that a water closet (WC) is not a storage closet but a flush toilet (Britsh English definition) ... huh, proves you can learn something everyday.

There are all kinds of ways to use and organize closets. Recently a client, "Mary" asked me to help get her brand new closet organized.

She had many beautiful outfits stored in luggage and storage bags.

Mary had to dig through them to find the item she wanted. Her new closet was perfect for hanging this beautiful and heavy garments.

Mary treated herself to some great new non-slip hangers. Most of the outfits had three pieces to each: scarf, top, pants. The hangers were sturdy enough for all three items. As I placed them in the closet I grouped them by color, making it easy for Mary to go to the appropriate color she wanted to wear that day. It looked really cool when the project was completed. Kinda like a RAINBOW!

How cool would it be to have a rainbow of colors greeting you in your closet every day? Mary has lots of room to place more of her other clothes and accessories. Now she feels inspired to continue working on getting her closet organized.

How would you describe your closet?

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