Friday, November 23, 2007

Oprah Hoarders

Recently, Oprah had a 2-part show on Hoarders.

From closets overflowing with unworn clothes to boxes brimming with crafts and knickknacks, experts estimate that nearly 6 million Americans have a hoarding problem that affects their quality of life. But what if you had so much stuff, just the trash weighed 75 tons? To put it in perspective, it would take 15 huge dumpsters to hold that much trash. Imagine this amount of junk taking up every room, every hallway and every inch of space in your home.

It was interesting to watch and see how this family was helped. My business is helping people in this situation. Not only helping them remove clutter, but also encourage them to make changes to avoid the accumulation of stuff.

Sharyn felt terrible about her home, uncomfortable showing the home on camera and downright disgusted in her living conditions. Her kids were emotionally drained when walking through the home, shocked at the state their parents were living.

"What do you want from this house?"
A very similar question that I ask all clients before starting a project. Forcing a change on someone is far more effective if you know what their objectives are. In this case:
Peace, Harmony, Clean - a place to celebrate family & friends.

During the sorting of items, Sharyn became extremely overwhelmed.
It is important to allow her to acknowledge her feelings, take a breath and regroup. Then get right back on task. Soon, Sharyn was finding joy as long lost items were found. This too is good because is brings up missing memories, hopefully lending to the thought: Hmmm, if I keep my place picked up, then I will be able to find things.

With the holiday season, you will be spending time with your family and friends. If it has been a few years since you have been invited into a loved one's home, please, PLEASE find a way to weasel your way into their home and check it out. Gather up your family and friends and help those in need.

No one should have negative feelings about their home.

Who have you not visited in 3 years that you should?

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