Friday, November 09, 2007

Mission Organization

Many of my clients have told me about a TV show, Mission: Organization on HGTV. I don't watch that much TV, so I DVR'd (it's a verb now) the show and finally sat down and watched it.

It is exactly what I do
... without an unlimited budget.
The transformations are awesome!

Watching the show made me think,
"I need to be on TV!"

How would my show be different? You would see me:

1. Hanging the ceiling racks, cutting shelving, loading dumpsters, fixing kid's bikes and client's vacuums (not some "expert" guys).
2. Getting my clients to laugh and joke about the stuff we've discovered.
3. Getting dirty (not quite like "Dirty Jobs") and sweaty working my butt off.
4. Create a connection to my clients by relating a personal story from my life to what they are dealing with in their life.
5. Working within the means of my clients, demonstrating that YOU can get organized in your home on a budget.

The Mission: Organization projects are fantastic - no doubt.
Though, most people do not have the time to spend 3-4 days organizing their garage or home office. Let alone the 1000's of dollars to pimp out their space.

My projects would target one day to plan, one day to implement. Done.
Kinda like the "Wham. Bam. Thank you ma'am!" to getting organized. (yeah, a Rosemarism)

C'mon ... a TV show would be fantastic!
Kinda like Rachael Ray with a hammer drill and a stud finder.

What would we title the show?


Anonymous said...

You are a sketch... I don't care what they end up calling it, I'm watching it. I so appreciate a "pedestrian" approach to things. In my world of design, to often I have witnessed things being taken to serious.

Anonymous said...

"Houston, We have a Problem"

To go along with you being a rocket scientist.

or, "Adventures with Angie"

Never met someone like you, always going and having fun.

Anonymous said...

Great testament to those who love their work (not really work when you love it). You would probably be very popular and bring some great ideas to getting organized.