Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Making Space Appear

Sometimes the space you want is right there in front of you.
Finding it can be tricky if you are only looking at the problem and feeling the frustration caused by only seeing the problem.

"Anne" was frustrated with her laundry room. Her kids would enter from the garage, plop down their bags, shoes and coats on the floor leaving no where to walk. Let alone get to the laundry. Anne was getting a new washer and dryer and wanted the laundry room to be more organized.

I encouraged Anne to purchase a stackable washer and dryer set. These not only save space, they also use less water to wash, spin dry the clothes better, which results in energy savings in drying. Anne also had enough shelving to use, the shelves just needed to be rearranged. She liked the plan so much, Anne started the clean-up before I arrived (yeah!).

Since the shelving was going to be removed and changed, painting the laundry room was going to be needed. Deciding to go with a fun blue color to brighten it up a bit. Once the painting was done, the shelving was cleaned up and reinstalled.

The only materials purchased were a gallon of paint, a roller and paint brush (and the new washer and dryer, but I didn't bring those). After the appliances were delivered I the room looked great! The kids had places for their shoes and bookbags. Coats were hanging on little hooks.

Anne did not have to step over her kid's afterschool pile any more.
The extra space she needed was right before her eyes.

Look around your home.
There are ways to make your space work better for you.

What color is your laundry room?