Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time To Get Organizing: Challenge #6

Between your driving commute for work, hustling the kids around for sporting/social events and your own shopping errands, you are likely spending a lot of time in your car.

Today's organizing project:
Your Car.

Grab a bag (or two) and clean up
all those papers and toys.

Reward: Call up a friend you have not spoken to in far too long.

Nothing worse than scrambling in the morning to get everyone off to school and you jump into your car with papers, toys and that lingering smell of a 3 month old french fry under the seat.

Clean up all those crumpled fliers and receipts, wipe down the dashboard and steering wheel and shoot some Febreeze on the floor and seats for a fresh smell.

Now, when you jump into your car. You'll have a bit of a sense of peace as you cruise down the road singing like a rockstar. Plus, you had a great chat with your friend. Perhaps you are meeting for lunch later in the week.

What song makes you sing like a rockstar?

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