Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Organizing Christmas Present

"Jody" wanted to do something different for her mom's gift for Christmas. Thinking she had everything she needed, perhaps a bit too much, Jody decided to get her mom's, "Mary", closets organized.

Wanting to create more hanging space in Mary's closet, her current shelf and rod system was removed. We then installed a double shelving/hanging system along with a couple of great shoe shelving units.

The over-the-door shoe rack was removed. It was no longer needed with the shoe shelves in Mary's other closet. Again in this closet the shelf and hanging rod were removed. Though here she wanted more storage space for sweaters, shirts, pants and handbags. So we installed a shelving system.

Mary was so delighted with all her new storage space, she began organizing all her clothing as I was gathering up my tools.

"Wow! I really have a ton more space," Mary said to me, "This is unbelieveable. Thank you."

Everytime I finish an organizing project I truly am thankful for the positive difference I am able to make in my client's lives. Being a professional organizer is a very rewarding career for me. I love my job!

What was your favorite Christmas present?

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