Friday, January 15, 2010

Organizing a Bachelor Pad

With a pending move looming, "Tom" was not motivated to completely unpack from his latest move the last year. Living amongst boxes was not ideal for him. Thought as soon as Tom found out his move was not going to happen, he was ready to FINALLY get organized.

"Look, I really don't have a clue what I should do or buy to get more organized," Tom told me when he called to talk about his home.

After getting an idea of what Tom's intentions were for getting his laundry, bathroom and kitchen organized, I was off to find some stuff that would be perfect for organizing this bachelor pad.

Originally I wanted to find a rolling storage laundry cart, the kind that fits in between your washer and dryer. Alas, my quest was unsuccessful in finding it, but came back with this great little black shelving system. Turns out it was a much better organizing item.

With all of Tom's laundry and cleaning supplies organizing on this new shelving, we moved onto his kitchen to get rid of the bins and boxes he has been digging through for the past year.

This kitchen cart was PERFECT!
Drawers to store his cooking utensils and shelving for Tom's favorite pans and beverages. He was particularly pleased with the little wine rack at the bottom.

Moving on to organizing his bathroom. He was tired of knocking over his bottles of different toiletries, Tom just wanted something to "just make this area functional."

The organizing solution = A bathroom space saver. These units are wonderful for created all sorts of organizing space in a tight area.

With only a few essential items left on Tom's bathroom counter, he was "blown away" at how much was accomplished during his organizing day.

Not only did he get organized, Tom was able to continue working while I did all the running around gathering up supplies and assembling all the items.

Tom feels now there is a plan for him to work on unpacking his other items around his home and begin settling down ... in an organizing fashion that is.

What area of your home is unsettled for you?

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