Monday, November 02, 2009

Cleverly Organize Your Drawers

It's early in the morning. Your fumbling through your underwear and socks trying to find the pair that you want. Hoping not to end up running out of your home with one blue sock and one black sock. (yeah, I've done that)

Next to getting up 15 minutes earlier and turning on the light so you can see clearly, these drawer organizers are the next best solution. Bonus: They are on special this month!!

These are one of my favorite items from Clever Container. The Drawer Designers are a fun tool to meet all your organizing needs. You'll feel like an organizing pro as you quickly find your favorite underwear, bra and socks in a flash. (oh yeah, we all have our favorite ones)

You can purchase this awesome combo set of organizers for only $20.00 when you purchase $35.00 or more in regularly priced Clever Container merchandise. Check out the Clever Container catalog and see all the other fun organizing options available!

Drawer Designers can be used in most drawers, but try them in your pantry, bathroom, playroom and even your refrigerator! Combo consists of 3 small (12x4x3), 2 medium (12x6x3) and 1 large (12x12x3) box!

Interested in a home organizing session with a group of friends?
Let me know and we'll get you on the schedule. This is a great way to learn some organizing tips & tricks while earning rewards toward your Clever Container products. You'll have a great time getting organized.

What drawer in your home needs to be organized?


Mellow Marcy said...

Where is Temperance?

Angie Weid said...

@Marcy - Near Toledo, Ohio