Monday, November 30, 2009

The Story Behind Organized Solutions

Abec's Small Business Review is a publication that shares the inspiring stories of small business owners.

This month yours truly is featured in the Toledo edition
(yeah ... happy dance with me):

Organized Solutions
by Jessica Luther

Angie Weid hasn’t let the obstacles in her life hold her back. Her inspiration behind her business, Organized Solutions, was always about helping people while maintaining a healthy life for herself. Raised in Monroe, Michigan, Angie was always interested in science and math as a child.

“When I was starting college, my mom reminded me that as a child, I always wanted to be an astronaut,” she recalled. “At four months old, she held me up to watch the moon landing.”

Angie did in fact pursue a career that followed this early calling, studying aeronautical and astronautical engineering at Purdue University. She graduated in 1991, and went to work for Ford Motor Company in Dearborn. She worked on designing engine components and bumpers, which meant, to her delight, that she got to crash a lot of cars. Despite loving her job, Angie began a painful period of her life just five weeks after starting at Ford. She was diagnosed with Stage Four Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and had to begin chemotherapy for the very serious form of cancer. “I went from a cocky 22-year-old to a stubborn 22-year-old with cancer,” she joked. “I refused to throw up during chemo treatments and I took cold showers to make sure I didn’t lose my hair.”

This fighting spirit and strong will got her through, and today she is free of the disease. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last of her battles. After eight years at Ford, she left to raise her two sons, eventually becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom. Angie loved that job as well, and poured everything into her children, husband and home. It was that much more of a shock, when her husband announced he was having an affair and wanted a divorce.

During this tumultuous time, Angie decided she had enough of feeling bad. She had a good old-fashioned pity party. Walking into the woods where she and her children often played with a notepad and pen, Angie began to write all she had accomplished, beginning with “I can walk.” After a bit of a chuckle, and three pages later, it became clear to Angie she still had a zest for life. If she was going to start anew, she wanted do something fun that would help people enjoy life. She shared her business ideas with friends and family, who thought it was perfect for her. Organized Solutions was born.

“I help people love their space,” she explained. “I help them work on de-cluttering and letting go of things.”

The first year was a struggle, without a client for eight months; Organized Solutions only earned around $600 in its first year. However, thanks to networking, referrals, her blog and website, Angie’s business has grown consistently since. She was approached by Staples to review a product line, featured on Rubbermaid’s website in a professional organizer Q and A, and recently won Toledo’s “20 Under 40” award.

Angie works with many professional women trying to do it all, and helps anyone who needs to regain control over their space. She focuses also on senior move management, which involves helping families settle aging family members into new, safer spaces. Moving from a house to an apartment certainly requires organization, and that is where Angie brings her expertise. She also offers her services to those who have lost loved ones, and aids in the process of clearing out a lifetime of stuff.

“I do it all, from making arrangements with movers, to packing and unpacking, to making beds and finding toothbrushes,” she listed her variety of services. “If people are from out of town, I will even find them the best pizza place.”

She also has worked with serious hoarders, people who are receiving counseling for their condition. She offers her help to anyone who wants to be helped, and understands that what she does can be a very emotional experience.

“It’s a very personal and private area, no one likes their stuff touched,” she explained. “But I get hugged almost everyday, even by those who are upset at first, because I’m making someone a home that feels good to them.”

If you found this story interesting, informative or inspiring please let Angie know! You may contact Organized Solutions at 419-705-0557, or at 734-890-1276, email, or visit her blog, or website,

Thank you to Patrick Abec and Jessica Luther for putting together the story of Organized Solutions.

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Smocha said...

Hey , this is Souls sister , Smocha.
You go girl!

I would be doing the same thing if I lived in a normal town. My 68 year old friend and I started a "crime scene clean up" business in our town of 76,000 .As soon as we did , suicides were committed outdoors, in graveyards, ect... crime came to a halt. lol
I'm so happy for you that you are able to do this. I am an "expert" with no where to go :)

If you need some discounted promo stuff please check out www.fuelmultimedia or www.firstinprint and tell him you're his aunt Brennis friend, he'll hook you up:)

souls sistah'

P.s. sorry they had that lil spat in front of you. :)
I would never do that . lol

Angie Weid said...

Howdy Smocha, Thanks for popping in! Crime scene clean up business is crazy, though someone's got to do it, right? Good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the media exposure - I hope it brings you lots of business!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Didn't know all that about you. Did you take a golf club to Nimrod for being a self-centered a$$? You're so much better off without him.

Keep up your phenomenal work baby!

Angie Weid said...

@JanetBarclay - Thank you for your thoughts.

@Annonymous - LOL, no golf clubs were used. Enjoy the day.