Monday, July 20, 2009

The Waterfall Effect

It all begins with a single drop.
Followed by another ... and another.
Soon all these drops team up and
become stream.

These streams ban together and
soon you have a flowing river.
Fast paced. Strong and churning.

It's movement feels fresh and wild. Unstoppable.

Reaching the edge of a cliff, without hesitation, these single drops leap. Knowing what they accomplished ready for more.

Want to get organized?
Don't have the money, time, motivation?

It all begins with the smallest action like tossing your pens jammed into the cup on your desk (most don't even work well).
Now place 3-4 new pens into the cup. No more fumbling and it looks better.

Perhaps you now can tackle the stack of papers on the right corner of your desk. File what needs to be and toss what you should have months ago. Ready for a break?

If no, keep moving to the next area on your desk, then to the drawers. One by one, your desk is getting organized. Stop? Heck no!

You look at the shelves in your office and wonder,
"why do I have all this stuff?" and begin to pull books, binders, papers and files off each one. You're on a roll!

Hot Damn! Your office is looking pretty darn good. No, it's fabulous!
It just F E E L S so much better and clearer.

Imagine how great your home will feel if you went through each area like this. Choosing one small action to create a waterfall of progress.

Getting organized is not a magical process.
Small accomplishments banned together to create a positive impact in your life.

Look around your home.
Pick your task and GO.
Having trouble where to begin?
Try this technique.

Remember, it takes only one drop
to begin creating a waterfall.
You can do this. I believe in you.

How did your waterfall grow today?

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