Thursday, July 23, 2009

Organizing Tune Up

Ever get that feeling perhaps things could be working a little bit better? Everything is working pretty good around your home, though you are finding yourself a tad frustrated or worn out. Perhaps it is time to do a little tweeking to get things back to running smoothly again.

Items have found home in areas they should not be:
- Are you looking for clean clothes in the laundry room because they haven't quite made it to your bedroom?
- Has the pile of papers (ok, piles) on your desk seem to be growing while you sleep?
- Items in the kitchen counters are STILL on the kitchen counters instead of in their place in the cabinets?
-Your garage is ... well, perhaps that is a future post all on its own ...
- Kids toys have infiltrated your living room.

I will admit that even I, the rocket scientist of a professional organizer, is in need of a Tune-Up in my home (hey, ever heard of the plumber who has leaky pipes in his home?). The hussle and hassles of life happens to us all, and sometimes our homes get out of whack. If you recognized something isn't jiving like it used to, that is a signal that you need to take action.

First, take a deep breath and slowly blow it out (may repeat a few times, if needed)

Now, pick a room and grab the items that are out of place and get them to their home. If the items belong in another room, place them near the door or stairway. Do NOT leave the room. If you are working on your desk paper pile (oh yeah, piles), grab it and get the papers filed or trashed.

Enlist the help of your kids to get their toys picked up. They know where their clothes, as well as yours, are suppose to go too. Get them to help. You should be able to spend 10-15 minutes in each room tweeking it back into shape. If you have more time, fantastic!

You will be surprised how just a little organizing tune up will make your home feel and run better. Remember, life is meant to be enjoyed in big scoops.

What odd thing did you find in a strange spot?

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