Thursday, December 14, 2006

Flip That Office


What a fun day today! Started out at my BNI meeting, then to help a client with her office, then a consult (and I got the job.....little happy dance for me).

These are the BEFORE pictures of the home office of Kim. A hard working woman (that phrase always seems redundant to me) who was frustrated with her office. I had her purchase some shelving and when I arrived we went to work. I assembled the new shelving, while she continued to work on sorting through the piles. I think we ended up with two bags for the garbage, 3 boxes of old magazines & papers, and 2 boxes of books added to the spring garage sale.

4 hours later the results were awesome! Kim did a fantastic job throwing stuff away.

Kim mentioned to me that she can really tell I enjoy my job. I truly do! I LOVE helping people feel better about their home. How lucky am I to do what I do? I am so fortunate.

Kim, It was my pleasure to help you with your office.

Why do you love to do what you do?


Debby said...

I love my job because I help sales people and business owners to understand that they don't have to capture people and tie them down in order to sell to them. The Certified Networker course makes people smile. I love seeing those smiles!

Anonymous said...

Being involved with home health care gives me a fantastic feeling of being able to meet and exceed other peoples needs.

I love my job, simply because what I do, impacts and assists so many in various ways.

Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I love what I do (selling women's clothing and accessories) for so many reasons - I love clothes and jewelry and get to "play" all day long; I love helping women get a great look at a great price - it boosts self-confidence and makes them happy; I especially love my customers and consignors (okay, there's a few rotten apples) - many have become good personal friends; I love that the personal and business connections I've made in the past year have made business better than ever. It's nice to be able to pay all my bills on time.

Thanks Certified Networker community! Thanks BNI chapter members! Thanks Women's Entrepreneurial Network! Thanks Toledo Maternity Network! You've all helped me love what I do.