Sunday, December 17, 2006

Partners For Success --- BNI

I always have fun at my BNI meeting. I truly love helping others, and being apart of a BNI allows me to help others grow their business.

I have passed 38 referrals in 2 months of membership.

29 have closed business
5 are pending
4 did not work out

Not too shabby of an effort to grow the business of others. How much money did I make for my BNI members? I don't know. I listened to what their request were during their "manager minute." And I tried my best to meet the request.

Bottom line--76%, or 29 out of my 38 referral met my members requests, they made a business connection. 5 more could make them some cash. That brings it to 89% if all 5 pending turn to business.

How well have your referrals to others help their business grow?

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Debby said...

So our Angie, the referral queen, has provided me with $799 worth of closed business. This does not count her own business that she gave me before joining out BNI chapter. I also have two more pending referrals from her, of which one is pretty hot. Is she a great new member? Yes, you bet.