Thursday, October 26, 2006

One of those weeks......

Did you ever just have one of those weeks where not a single day goes as planned?

Sunday--My boys and I had a GREAT day. "Let's get in the car and see where we end up." We went to the Toledo Museum of Art for their "Creepy Creatures" Family fun day (every Tues, Thurs and Sunday--TAKE THE KIDS!!), on to COSI (4 hours later--We had a blast!), then to Tony Packo's for dinner. Finally home to baths, books and bed.

Sunday was a good day.....yes.....the calm before the storm.........

Monday--Matthew (8yrs) not feeling great, breathing sounds horrible. Cancel all appointments for the day, take him to the doctor...5 hrs later--We are at Toledo Children's Hospital. He has pneumonia. Yeah, they have a bed for me in his room.

Tuesday--All appointments cancelled (Wednesday's, too). Matthew is doing better, but we are not going home. Hospital staff is amazing. Love them all!!

Wednesday--We end up not getting discharged until 5pm. I was beginning to think we were stuck there another day. Very happy to be home!

Thursday--I am in the ER now! My finger which I injured 5 weeks ago is swollen, aching and red. It's broken. Hairline fracture. Lovely. 3 weeks in a splint. On the postive side: It is my right middle finger (I'll have fun with it).

So what will Friday bring? I am going to sit back and enjoy whatever happens.......better stay away from me.......

So how do you handle a cursed week?

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