Sunday, October 01, 2006


I had a BIG project this week--2 Closets, a laundry room and garage. My clients are moving into a new home and wanted to update the existing storage spaces to make them more useful. I came and listened to their needs, put some plans together and completed the project in one day.


This first picture is the before view of the master closet--minimal use of the room with only one shelving unit. The after shows raising the height of the current shelves, adding 19 feet of shelving and two shoe racks! What a difference in use of space!!!

The laundry room had no shelves for storage only the washer and dryer. I came in and installed two long shelves and a set of corner shelves (not pictured). The room is much more useful now.

Laundry Before
Laundry After

This was a fun project! I was able to use a bit of my engineering side with the planning, and I was able to use power tools during the installation.

"Any day involving the use of power tools, is a great day!"

What was your "fun" project this week?

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