Friday, October 13, 2006

New Toy!!!

I installed some shelving in a client's basement storage area this week. The great thing about it was the opportunity to buy a new toy.....well, tool. Not just any tool. A HAMMER DRILL !!! This may not be too exciting to most, but I am a rocket scientist/auto design engineer and I love stuff like this. This beast is a serious tool. I have a drill that I could have used, however I thought it would be best to get the appropriate tool for the job.

The before picture shows the storage area without any shelving. My client had the room cleared out before I showed up (thank you), then I went to work installing the shelving. The after picture shows the completed installation, ready for the "stuff" to find a home on the shelves.

My new toy made the installation a breeze.

What new "Toy" have you purchased recently for your business?

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