Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Organizing those Damn Legos!

Oh, if you have kids you have casually walked into a room (or perhaps even dashed), to only have a Lego building block attempt to pierce the ball of your foot as you begin to scream a list of expletives like a sailor.

@$*#&#   &%#@*!    %$&^*#@!!

Here's a great little trick you can use to help organize those little landmines:

If you give your kids some tools and guidance, they can be organized. They spend all day in school making sure all the pencils, papers and scissors all end up in the correct spot. Your kids can be organized at home too ... though you need to be an example to them, as well.

What's the worst toy you have stepped on?


Stacey said...

AHHHHHH! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Angie Weid said...


... but what was the worst toy you have stepped on?

Li said...

Besides a lego, a hot wheel. That sucker rolled with my foot on it and I crashed down on one knee while holding a laundry basket full of clothes. I think I screamed, I know I cried and then I threw that car across the room. PS: LOVE the legos organizing idea. So much better than the big plastic bin we have them in now. Also will give the kids something to keep them busy. Thanks!