Thursday, July 21, 2011

Using Some Thing for Something Else and Making Your Life Easier ... YEAH!!

Big storage bins are a wonderful way to corral and organize your stuff. Though these big storage boxes can become a black hole for many small items that easily make their way to the bottom

... Never to be seen again.

Thinking outside the box (pun completely intended), will give your deep, darkly hidden items life and purpose in your world. Plus you'll be able to find them quick and easy ... Hooray!!

Check out this organizing trick:

Sometimes the solution to your organizing and storage woes are outside of the area focus.
In this example: Using trash bins in a storage locker.

What's your favorite use of some "thing" for something else?


Stacey said...

That was a great idea!

Angie Weid said...

Thanks Stacey! Glad you liked the idea.