Monday, August 30, 2010

It's a Gladiator Garage

Your garage is likely one of the most used areas by everyone in your home. It also tends to be one of the most unorganized areas, too.

This is a bad combo!

After a long days work, as your garage door raises to welcome you home is there order or chaos? Sure your garage is a great big, open space to store a ton of stuff. Ideally, though ... your car is suppose to fit inside and you are not suppose to be climbing over boxes and bins to reach the door to your home.

Think about using your walls to get organized.

There is the tried and true nails-into-studs system for hanging items onto your walls. You can go a step and use the peg board system which gives you more flexibility. Or, you can use fancy, smanchy wall track system like Gladiator has called GearWall.

Here's the garage area before the installation began. The only tools needed are a drill or power screw driver, level and a stud finder. First I marked the walls for the location of the studs, then marked a level line (horizontal) as a guide for the lowest panel. Once the first panel was up, it was a matter of stacking the panels up on each other and securing to the wall.

Once the 4 panels were in place, the hooks and baskets for the GearWall were brought in. With this wall system, you can buy a variety of accessories to fit your needs. The great part is everything slides around and easily moved as your storage needs change.

The wall system holds up to 50 lbs per square foot which is nearly the weight of a bag of sand ... not that I'm not sure why you would store sand on your wall, but it's for comparison. Gladiator offers all sorts of hooks, baskets, bins and shelves for your organizing needs.

This GearWall system went up like a charm. Seriously, if you can hang a picture, you can install this product. It is a bit of a pricier system, but the clean look and versatility in organizing options make this garage organizing system a winner and definitely worth the investment.

Besides, if you can eliminate a point of chaos in your life, you should go for it.

How does your garage make you feel?

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