Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Kid is in College. You Need New Containers.

If you have plastic containers that are as old as your kid entering high school or college, you are worth new containers.

The crusty, microwaved spaghetti stains will not come out of the old ones.

Trust me.

What is the oldest plastic container in your home?
(bonus points for identifying the stain)


Stevie said...

Now, the question is...which containers are best for both organization (especially in a small space) AND freezing food? I'm going to start making and freezing lots of food so I need new containers...ones that will be good for when they're not being used in my small space and that can be used for freezing all my yummy meals. Also, they need to come in all different shapes and sizes so I can use them for other storage needs (like lunches for playgroup/coffee dates), etc.

Angie Weid said...

I'm a fan of Rubbermaid containers because they are made of good quality and design at a fair price. For freezing food you cannot beat Ziplock baggies. Reusing them is a hassle, but they are the best for getting out the majority of air around your soon to be frozen food. Trapped air + frozen food = yucky tastes

Hope that helps.