Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I'm a Sensational Woman!!

Recently, this professional organizer here had the distinct honor of being featured on Writing Without Periods blog as part of the Sensational Woman Saturday posts. This is a great blog with fun little observances on life and every Saturday an amazing woman is featured and asked 5 questions.

Please visit the original post and check out the other sensational stories. For now, here are my answers:

Angie, how young are you?
I'm nearly 41 1/2 years old (yes, my half birthday is coming up on September 5th and we will celebrate with cake.)

What a great idea. I need to celebrate half birthdays too. More celebrations, I say.
What type of work do you do?
I'm a Professional Organizer, Rocket Scientist and overall Superhero to my boys.

You're a rocket scientist? So am I. And a Superhero? Yes!!
What do you do in your free time?
Because I'm a single mom of 2 boys (12 and 9.5 years old), and a business owner ... I sleep. Seriously, beyond having fun with my boys. I love to scuba dive in crystal clear water, golf on sunny days, laugh with my friends, dance 'til my feet ache and falling asleep on a beach.

I love your attitude, especially the dancing part.
What are five things a Rocket Scientist and Superhero can't live without?
I'm gonna' skip mentioning my boys and friends because as a woman, life without our kids or girlfriends would be empty and obvious choices.
1. The ocean waves crashing on a beach - 9 yrs until I retire to my "shack" on a beach. Make me an amazing business offer now and I'm outta here!
2. Music - I'm a 60s hippy chick to the core. Music makes all things better and brighter. If it's got a beat, and I can dance to it, I love it!
3. Sex - yeah, I said it. You know deep down you feel the same, too.
4. Rrrrr, I hate to admit it. My Droid - This little device can do anything. It's downright the most perfect electronic contraption ... Ever!
5. Turtle cheesecake - I don't eat it every day, though I would eat it every day if there were no consequences.

Love answer number 3. Honesty rules.
What age do you feel?
I always think of myself being 21. Just an amazing time, before life got really complicated with careers and kids. Though my latest visit to Cedar Point (Ohio amusement park) reminded me how old I may have become. At first, I thought "Man, they really need to tighten the bolts on these roller coasters." Then I realized, the coasters are great. I am getting old. (bummer).

Age is all in the attitude.
What keeps you young?
My quest to absorb life and squeeze every drip out of it.

What does a personal organizer keep in her purse?
Dumping out onto my floor we find: a pen, wallet (ooh, money), business receipts, lip gloss and stick, Velcro strips (odd, where are those from?), business cards, lip balm, grocery list from last week, Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon that expired 3/31/2010 and a notepad.

You, a desert island and….
Matthew McConaughey. I really know nothing about him or his ability to survive a deserted island. Simply going for eye candy here. I'm guessing watching him build us a shelter would be pretty sweet.

What’s your motto for life?
No regrets.

Thank you Mary for thinking of me as a Sensational Woman!
I think you ROCK!!

Who is a sensational woman in your life?

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