Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thank You Mom

In the darkest hours and the brightest moments, I knew to never question my mom's love and pride for me.

She has made me who I am today: strong, confident, happy, peaceful, funny, bold, loyal, determined, brave, fabulous, trustworthy and ... the best damn my mom in the world for my boys.

You're my mother. I would have no other.
I love you mom.

How has your mom shaped you?


SOUL said...

you obviously had one-helluvaMOM !
happy moms day to you !
have a great one

Louise Kahle said...

My mom died when she was 46. She had cancer that I am convinced was brought on by the stress of living with a man who physically and verbally abused her. She helped make me the woman I am today by showing me the kind of life I didn't want.

Anonymous said...

Well you know my mom...and you know how amazing my mom amazing as yours! Your mom actually reminds me a lot of my mom...I hope to be as wonderful as my mom someday!

It does seem like she's shaped me to be one kick ass mom though since everyone says I'm doing awesome with Caralyn...I hope Cara feels the same way someday!