Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Power of a Little Green Ribbon

There are moments where you have a choice to do the right thing or stray just a little bit and nudge the boundaries ever so slightly. You are not doing anything wrong, per say, though no one else is doing it and there is no harm in your actions. Times like this I fall back to one of my favorite mantras:

"Better to ask for forgiveness later, than permission right now"

Sticking your neck out for something positive typically pays off.

While attending the recent the NAPO conference, I grabbed a "Keynote Speaker" ribbon to wear on my name badge ... well, because it was there. The Rubbermaid booth reps were excited to meet a keynote speaker, though when I told them I "could be a keynote speaker" they loved my attitude. From wearing this little ribbon, I'm now featured on the Rubbermaid blog, Adventures In Organizing!!

The effect of the little ribbon carried over into everyone I met, too. People were bringing their friends up to meet me. SWEET!

Next time you are pondering should I or should I not .... I say SHOULD.
C'mon, what you have to gain is FAR greater than what you may miss out on.
Life is about having fun.
Pounce on it!

What boundaries have you stretched?


Timi said...

You are right! When I think about how often I have had that same conversation with myself "should I?" "Should'nt I?" I often don't and regret it. When I do the pay offs are usually great.
Congrats on the being featured. It's a great little article.

I might just print this off and hang it up so I don't forget.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read your post on the rubbermaid blog - just FYI, "frig" is the British equivalent of our "F word". I think you meant "fridge".

SOUL said...

i absolutely adore your attitude !!!
congrats on all the kudos you got out of having the guts to go for it.

you go girl-