Monday, May 11, 2009

Oxo Good Grips For Your Office ROCK

Well, Oxo products have excelled in creating wonderful, durable products that make our life easier and more comfortable. Their products serve to aid us in our kitchen, garden and bath.

Now, Oxo is launching into our offices! (and the crowd goes wild)

Beginning this month, Oxo office products can be found exclusively at Staples. I had the pleasure of testing out a few of these products last week and I can say they live up to my wonderful Oxo potato peeler in comfort.

They approached this new product line by asking the question:
How can we make office products that take the work out of work?
Lovin' this idea ...
1. Function - Uh, what is this thing suppose to do?
2. Easy to use - Adding a struggle to the day would not be good.
3. Convenient - The faster you can get to it, the better.
4. Quality - Things break at the moment you need to use them. Make them well.
5. Comfort - Aaahh ... that feels so good, can you do that again?

By considering taking the work out of work, gotta tell you this stuff ROCKS!
Oxo has taken the time to consider you in designing these new products. Look around your desk and see what office tool is giving you grief. Pitch it and treat yourself to a new Good Grips one. Guarantee you will love it

What would you like to make easier?

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