Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vision Board 2009

It may be a few weeks late, though its effectiveness is just as strong.

This is one of my most effective tools in my success. My vision board hangs in my bathroom giving me the opportunity to look at it at least twice a day.

"The most pathetic person in the world is someone
who has sight, but has no vision,”
Helen Keller

I encourage you to find a quiet moment and think about what you are going to accomplish this year. You don't have to create a poster. At least write it down and hang it in your bathroom.

What's your goal this year?


Anonymous said...

Finish my house (cleaning/organizing), watch my baby girl grow

SOUL said...

that's pretty cool.. and a good idea where you put it.

hope all is well in your world.

Unknown said...

vision boards are great for manifesting your hearts desires...and here is another option, Vision Map Videos, they can be for your eyes only and watched on all of your electronic devices including your computer...happy, productive manifesting!!!!