Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Help I'm Falling And I Can't Reach My Shoes

"Mandy" had it with her closet.

The shelving was coming off the wall due to poor installation, though her biggest gripe was the large sliding doors. They may look nice in appearance, but you typically end up having to twist and stretch to reach a portion of your closet because one of the doors is in your way.

Mandy want something simple and easy to access. With her closet being in the entrance hallway of her bedroom, hinged doors would not work. The length of her closet is over 80 inches (200 cm), bi-fold doors were out, too. The current sliding doors had to go, too. Hmmm, dilema ... not really.

When working with this problem, you have your facts/wishes. You also have your idea of the completed project. You've got the beginning and the end defined. You just need to connect the dots.

In Mandy's closet, we knew the current shelving had to go. Along with the doors (yep, we removed the doors and tracks). Found a new home for her dresser. Installed new hanging rods supported by the wall studs and a new cubbie shelving unit. Mandy is going to pare down her shoes and return her clothes to the closet without the worry of it all falling down.

Now you don't want to have your clothing closet open for all to see, plus it's bad bedroom feng shui. Mandy is going to have her mom make some fun fabric panels to hang on the decorative tension rod which replaced the bulk sliding doors. HOW FUN!

Next time you are faced with a problem. Look at what you know and what you want ... get creative and make it happen. There is a solution to all problems.

What problem do you need to solve?


Anonymous said...

I'm starting on my bedroom finally! I have gotten rid of a big trash bag of garbage, and have another big trash bag half full of donation items :) I'm proud of everything I'm getting rid of...though I'm just starting to clear my desk so the process is just beginning. It's been hard already though.

Still need to pack up the dishes for my mom that I'm bringing in March, but that's easy enough. And I still have to go through and see if anyone wants my stuff on Freecycle before I go to packup my kitchen stuff from the garage and take it to Goodwill.

I can't believe how much better I feel with a less cluttered house!

Angie Weid said...

@Stevie - That's AWESOME!!!! Good job. Living with less always seems better.