Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Organizing Your Scary Halloween Decorations

Is your home all ready and organized for all those creepy, scary little monsters to ascend upon your home requesting tasty treats?

If your spookiest decorations do not make it out of the storage bins this year,
they will likely not make it out next year.  You may even have a few items rolling around in there that are a few years old.

Let them go.

Here's a quick 40 second video clip to help encourage you to release your unused decorations
 ... so they don't "haunt" you next year:

Remember: less stuff = more space

What is your favorite Halloween candy?


Annette said...

Letting go is hard to do. I want to put everything in the attic and be able to reuse it even though I know I will not. Help!

Angie Weid said...

Annette, keep only items you enjoy and make you feel good. Why go through the effort of packing, boxing, lifting and storing something you will likely not use? Think of how happy you will make a family who does not have your unused item.

The more your give, the more you get back.