Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Your Linen Closet Throwing Up on You?

As you open up your linen closet to grab a fresh towel for your luxurious, relaxing batch, items just begin to tumble out onto you.


... So much for relaxation and calm.

No need for this to happen any longer to you. Here's a great clip from Your Rocket Organizer on how you can get your linens under control and organized:

Take a hard look at the items in your linen closet:
Do you really need 15 washcloths for 4 people?
You no longer have a double bed, so why do you have the sheets?
Ah, you found a long lost shirt jammed in the towel.

Bag, bundle, box up all your linens that have lost their fluffiness or happy purpose in your life and take them to your favorite animal shelter for donation.

A puppy or kitten would love to cuddle up in a those items.

OK ... how many bath towels do you have?

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