Friday, September 16, 2011

Conquering Your Closet Clutter

With the changing seasons, comes a change in your wardrobe.Leading to a perfect time to get your closets, dressers and drawers sorted and purged.

So put on some comfy clothes, turn on some music tunes and grab a few (alright several) bags to begin loading them up with donations.

BIG THANKS to The Courier out of Findlay, Ohio for putting together this awesome article below filled with tips and tricks for getting organized. You can read the article below (which is a bit fuzzy hard to read) or you can go directly to the nice big, easy to read article here.

Remember, to give your items a hard look. Just because it is your favorite shirt EVER, doesn't mean that 4+ years later it loves you. You want clothing that looks great on you and makes you feel good.

What is your favorite shirt EVER?
(yes that top picture is me from 3rd grade.  That was a favorite shirt)

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