Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's Just Too Much Stuff!

You set a box here.
Then a bag over there
... just for a moment.
Another box joins the others.
Well, you mine as well toss that bag with the others because it's a mess anyway.

Hey ... wait a minute!
You use to do crafts in this awesome room. Now it has become a holding area for stuff and you just get frustrated, overwhelmed when you think about it. Mine as well toss more stuff in there, because who knows when you're going to organize it.

Sound familiar?

Well, that's what happened in "Ellen's" basement craft room. This beautifully thought out area with great shelving and pegboard for organizing all sorts of projects became the catch-all. Ellen was beside herself on where to start and how to find a method to what became madness.

Becoming organized begins with your decision to make a change ... and committing to it.
Deciding is easy. Doing is much harder.

We began by clearing off the center table, sorting items into felts, woodworking, glass, beads, knitting, and paints. Then continued around the outer work tables. We found many empty boxes and that the wonderful lower shelving was not being used. Supplies were removed from grocery bags and binned together so everything was visible and not hidden within a clouded bag. Partial filled boxes were filled with similar items.

Once we had the area cleared, Ellen's organized piles of crafts were placed onto the shelving with purpose and intention. She now has areas designated for felts, woodworking, glass, beads, knitting, and paints. Along with tools organized on the pegboard system and cleared o p e n working surfaces.

Ellen was just amazed when she walked into her craft room just over 3 hours later:
"It's like Christmas. I haven't seen these items in so long."

The challenge is going to come maintaining this organized space. With the motivation of having a fresh start and excitement of rekindling her crafting hobbies, Ellen is confident her craft room will be put to good crafting use and stay organized.

What room in your home has too much stuff?

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