Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Collections vs. Clutter

Collections are an accumulation of objects gathered for study or comparision for exhibition or hobby.

Clutter is to fill or cover with scattered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.

Collections are shown with pride and joy for all to view.

Clutter can consume and overwhelm your surroundings causing you to withdrawl.

As a professional organizer I hear many times, "I have a lot of collections." But are they REALLY collections if the items are stored in dust covered boxes unopened for months ... years?

It's OK to love something for awhile and over time your interests change. (though I'm not sure when my boys are going to phase out of bringing a collection of rocks home everywhere they go)
Remember, these are things.

Items that make you cringe, roll your eyes or feel sad -- need to go.
Things that are broken (are you really going to fix it?) or ugly (yeah, we all buy ugly stuff) -- it needs to go.

If you're struggling with an item, pick up your favorite piece from your collection. How do you feel when you look at it? Now, pick up the item in question. Yeah ... you know what to do.

Collections are fantastic. You share them with the world.

Clutter can be suffocating, perhaps causing you to hide.
You are too beautiful and wonderful
to miss out on the happiness of life.

Look at your life and home. My mission is to help you love your space again. If you're not loving your space, your space is not going to change until YOU make some changes.

This transformation is not going to happen overnight. Be patient and reward yourself for the little successes along the way.

Take a hard look at your collections.
Sort out the clutter.
Share your home with the world.
Enjoy the day.

What collection has overgrown your space?

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