Thursday, March 04, 2010

You're Awesome. Wanna Go Bowling in Canada?

We all have these ho-hum, woe is me kinda days. Getting motivated to get work done and putting on a happy face is such a struggle. Perhaps you need a reminder of how great you really are.

When working with people organizing their home office, I always make sure we have a Feel Good folder. Everyone absolutely needs to have some form of this in their life.

In your Feel Good folder, you'll have a small collection of notes, cards and such that remind you how great you are. This folder is great on those ho-hum days, and even essential, on those days when you feel you've been run over by a freight train left on the tracks to rot.

When you feel the need for a little pick me up, open up your folder and look at the sweetest little note from your son, a birthday card that just made you laugh out loud, a note from a friend telling you how proud she is of you or a thank you from a friend who you helped install a hardwood floor.

After a trip down "Hot damn I am pretty awesome" lane, you will begin to feel much better about the world around you. Slip your Feel Good folder back into your cabinet knowing that you've got a boost of your greatness waiting for you in a moment's notice.

What's in your Feel Good folder?


Ashleigh Burroughs said...

Thank you notes from former employees. Love notes from my children. My first driver's license -with the really good picture. An evaluation from graduate school.

Angie Weid said...

@Ashleigh - Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day.