Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bring Out Yer Dead ... Spring Organizing is Here!

We are all beginning to crawl out of our cooped up caves inside our homes as we enjoy the spring thawing the mounds of snow from the winter season. Along with discovering all the great "treasures" your dog has bestowed upon your yard, you begin to look at your garage ... Egads, what happened over these past winter months.

All winter long, items have been tossed and dropped as you scurry into your warm home. Though as you begin to look about the garage, you may start to think, "Uh, we gotta get organized." As one friend mentioned on Facebook:
"Spring weather is perfect weather for organizing the garage not too hot, not too cold!"

Spring is an inspiring time of year. All the cold, cloudy short days become warm and sunny. Turn off the furnace, bust open the windows and get some fresh air into your home. Fresh air will bring a new flow of energy into your home. You'll be surprised the positive difference, even if the windows are only open for 10 minutes.

With your home's energy feeling a dose of new found adrenalin, pop open your garage door and take a good look at what's happened over the past winter months.

Is there stuff you didn't use last year still piled up in the corner?
- Let it go. (clang)
What about the toys the kids have now outgrown or lost interest?
- Let it go (clang)
Do you have items that you no longer even like?
- (yeah, I know you do) Let it go (clang)

Once you get a bit of the dead stuff out of your garage, you'll feel so much better. Hopefully during the process no one was clunked over the head for not wanting some items to "go on the cart."

... and if they did, it was probably for the best.

What's your favorite Monty Python quote?

5 comments: said...

Good blog.

Melanie Dennis said...

My favorite Monty Python quote is from the Meaning of Life- "and finally a wafer thin mint..."

Angie Weid said...

Sadly I have not seen "The Meaning of Life." It is on my list!!

Nance said...

We've been spending a few weeks on the Left Coast. When we get back to our home on the East Coast, there's a garage waiting for us. Five years ago, after my father died (mom, deceased four years before that), I closed down my parents' home of forty-five years. I boiled the keepers down to photos, a couple of antique objet d'art, and boxes of porcelain painted by my mother. I stored them all in boxes that take up a big corner of my garage and I haven't been able to face them until now. It's time to face those boxes. Thanks for the suggestion that I do it before the SC summer hits.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

"Go away or I shall taunt you a second time"

I am reading and writing as a reward for cleaning out my potting shed - throwing out and sweeping are done... organizing is next.