Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Junk Drawer 101 ... Psst, Want a Freebie?

We all have junk drawers.
(OK, maybe a couple ... alright several)

An organized junk drawer, we'll that's just crazy talk.

Things get tossed into the junk drawer because they were needed at one time, not really sure an easy place was available when you were done with it. Now your junk is a mishmash of items from nail clippers, hair brushes, foreign coins, pencils, paintbrushes, ball inflator valves, guitar picks, ... uh, you get the point.

Rubbermaid has a new product hitting the stores in mid-February that could be the solution to organizing your junk drawer:

6 piece drawer organization set

Little rubber feet keep the pieces from sliding around your drawers as you open and close. Rubbermaid also molded in a rubber mat in each piece to help control items in each piece. To top it off, they designed the pieces to interlock which further aids keeping everything in its place.

Now, don't limit the use of this product to just your junk drawers (yes, drawers). Think about bathroom products, cosmetics, office supplies, craft room ... heck, anywhere you've got little stuff rolling around in a drawer.

To help you on your organizing quest for 2010, Rubbermaid is giving me set of this fantastic new product to give away to one of you. How awesome it that?!

Entering is simple:
- Leave a comment below and let me know what drawer you need to organize.
- Join the Organized Solutions Facebook Fan page and share your comment.
- Share with your Facebook friends and Tweeters the offer.

Heck, the more the merrier I say!

A winner will be selected Saturday, February 6th.
** Winner has been randomly chosen **
Congratulations @Skaro964!

What drawer are you going to organize?


heaventrees said...

I need to organize a bathroom drawer and a kitchen drawer. Both are disasters.

Samantha Scott said...

I need to organize my kitchen junk drawer - it has pens, batteries, phone books, gum, small tissue packets, matches and probably a small country in there...

Unknown said...

I need to organize the top drawer of my both the dressers in the bedroom. I end up taking everything from the top of the dresser and piling it into the top drawer to make the room look cleaner! LOL!

missi said...

Actually 4 out of my 5 kitchen draws need to be organized bad.

Sheri Karobonik said...

I am still not finished in the kitchen I still have 3 drawers to go, drawer by the phone, tool drawer and misc junk drawer, this sounds good for the tool drawer.

mountie9 said...

So many drawers it is hard to decide. I guess the most important would be the junk drawer in the living room -- pretty much is the place where everything ends up. I have tried to organize it before -- but it was just too much -- now if i had some organizers ; )
Off to tweet your site now

Anonymous said...

My desk drawer in my office. I don't even want to open it.

Amy said...

I have two drawers in my kitchen island that seem to be the catch-all for anything miscellaneous... it gets to the point that they overfill and then I find kiddo's action figured and takeout menus amongst the pans in the bottom... lovely. I could really use the organization of one of those drawers! :)

Lanae T. said...

I'm embarrassed to say I have a kitchen drawer (or two) that look just like that first picture. I also have two drawers like that in my bedroom. Not sure how the disaster migrated so far????

Robert said...

I need to get the clasic kitchen junk drawer organized.

Unknown said...

I need to organize our utility drawer. Everything gets shoved in there and I can't find a thing!
andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I joined the Organized Solutions Facebook Fan page (andrea kruse)

Unknown said...

andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

Beka said...


Angie Weid said...

Everyone - AWESOME!!!
Enjoy the day, Angie

Angie Weid said...

Congratulations @Skaro964! You are our winner. Please send me your shipping info to angie@iorganizeyou.com

Thank you to everyone that entered.

Enjoy the day,