Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Packing Lunch Fun (read on for FREE stuff)

"The Holy Grail" day of the year has arrived ... Back to school!!!

Yeah, it signals pretty much the end of the summer fun and frolic. Though, mothers everywhere breathe a sign of relief, and a leap of joy, as the school bus pulls away that first day with their kids inside.

The daily task of packing school lunches is added to your list of things to do, why not make it fun?

Rubbermaid has come out with these super cool (pun totally intended) Blue Ice Fun Shape reusable ice packs for your lunches. You can see the baseball one Jacob tested in his lunch vs. the other options available in our freezer. Other shapes available are a frog, monkey, football and others.

Jacob was pretty excited about having a fun new way of keeping his juice bag and strawberries chilled until it was time to munch. The kids at his lunch table thought it was crazy when he pulled a baseball out of his lunch. "That's so awesome dude!" Not a bad way to start of the 3rd grade. Jacob's verdict, the new Rubbermaid Fun Shape rocks!!

So here's the deal: Are you interested in trying out a Rubbermaid Fun Shape ice pack for FREE?

Well, send me your address and who will be using the fun shape -- need to know if you want boy/girl/neutral. All entries will be tossed into a "hat" and a winner selected randomly. Contest will end Thursday, September 17th 9pm EST. My email is:
Rest assured your name, email and address will not be used for any promotion or advertising. US addresses only.

Hey, We all love free stuff. You don't have to use these fun freezer shapes for your kids. Your lunches can be fun, too.

What was your favorite thing mom packed in your lunch?


Stevie said...

I loved the poem my mom packed in my lunch for my 16th birthday. I have no clue what was in the lunch anymore, but I still have that poem to look back on.

Angie Weid said...

@Stevie - that is awesome! My mom hung a HUGE banner in the MHS lunchroom with all kinds of "great" pics of me for my 16th birthday. Then brought those little ice cream cups with wooden spoons for snack in my Physics class. ... I like the your birthday poem better.

Angie Weid said...

Thank you for all that sent in their entries. We have a winner from Massachuttes!! Look for the Rubbermaid Fun Ice packs at your local store.

Enjoy the day!!