Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guilt Jewelry

“Diamonds are a girl's best friend.”
Marilyn Monroe

A little glitz and glimmer, can make you feel so special. It's not needed, but it is very nice to receive a little gift from time to time.

This all changes when the gift is a result from actions taken by the giver that were not ... oh, let's say, on the best terms. Then your wonderful, "thoughtful," gift becomes a guilt token.

Here is my collection of Guilt Jewelry:

Now all of this is not from guilt, though it's all from the same person therefore it's tainted and just feels creepy. It's been sitting in my jewelry box for about 5 years waiting for a plan.

Then I met Jodi Cooke, owner and designer, of The Rock Garden a fine jewelry custom design studio in Sylvania, Ohio. She helped me create this beautiful set of earrings and pendant with extra gemstones for later use in perhaps a ring.

Amazingly Gorgeous!

I'm so excited to be enjoying this jewelry again.
As a friend pointed out, it has a little yin and yang going on which is perfect for my peace-lovin' hippie personality.

Looking forward to sharing The Rock Garden with my organizing clients. So often as we sort through their old jewelry, they just didn't know what to do with their fine jewelry that has lost its meaning and purpose in their lives. Jodi offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy those gems again in new light. She is passionate about creating unique pieces that you will enjoy.

What in your home needs to be recharged?

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