Monday, October 06, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays Can Be A Challenge

"The difference between a warrior and an ordinary man is that the warrior sees everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man sees everything as either a blessing or a curse." ~Don Juan

Today is a rainy, Fall day.
Not the most energizing type of day.
I'm feeling I need a bit of pizazz to get this day started. Think about what the warrior quote and begin to view these rainy days as a challenge. An opportunity to get some stuff done that you have been putting off.

Here are some Rainy Day Challenges:

1. Purge your coat closet. Take out EVERYTHING, and pile it on floor. Separating into Keep, Donate and "Oh, this is gross" (also known as Trash). Winter is approaching and there are soooooo many people that could use your old coats, hats, scarfs and boots.

2. Thin down your linen closet. Take out EVERYTHING. You can match up your sheet sets, sort out the gross towels from the nice ones and you will likely find some lost items along the way. Shelters (animal and human) all need your extra towels, blankets and sheets. Put away all your keepers.

3. Sort out your bedroom closet. I admit, I must do this. Take out EVERYTHING. (Have you caught onto the pattern here?) Make piles of items to Keep and Donate. Once you put your keepers away, you'll know what new items you need to purchase. Treat yourself to something fun, you just knocked off a challenge.

4. Old toys. Holiday's are approaching and the barrage of new toys is eminent. Clean out your kids' toys now, get them involved too. Encourage them to donate their toys. Better yet, take them with you when you donate so they can see where their stuff is going.

5. Schedule friendly appointments. When was the last time you chatted with one of your best friends? Massages and facials are great ways to treat yourself. A coffee or lunch with a friend you have not had face time with will likely be far more beneficial. You will laugh and share some recent dramas which will release all sorts of stress. If you are separated by distance, schedule a time to share coffee or lunch and chat on the phone or a webcam if you each have one.

Curling back into bed sounds and feels great when you're dragging. Though if you can challenge yourself to accomplish one thing, your day will become successful.

What challenge do you tackle on rainy days?


Debby said...

This post is so funny because I spent the day out in our attached garage sorting out cupboards that had not been ever organized and had not been cleaned in at least six years. It "hubby territory," but I finally felt that this was a waste of good space. One cupboard held piles and piles of towels. They are now in my car waiting to be dropped off at Goodwill. What was I thinking. Even with three dogs, I don't have need of 50 towels. I thought of you the whole time I was doing the project, Angie. Thanks for continuing to remind all of us that we need to purge!

Anonymous said...

Since most fall day are "rainy days" in Washington (at least in the mornings and early afternoons) I could get a TON of stuff done...if I wasn't on bed rest.

Today's challenge though is cleaning out my closet and dresser of ALL my pre-pregnancy clothes. Sorting into the piles and putting away the others for another rainy day after losing the baby weight.

Any pre-pregnancy clothes I can use in the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy with the help of a tank top, I will then put back into place along with all my maternity clothes.

Tomorrow's challenge...who will all depend on what I'm up for.