Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Basement, Where Are You?

Somewhere hidden behind all these bags, boxes and bins is a basement. "Betty's" basement.

She moved into her beautiful home 5 years ago and the basement is where all the extra stuff landed. Many of it is Christmas decorations, long lost clothing and family heirlooms. Betty felt the time had come to sort out the treasures and purge, purge, purge.

First part of the project was to carve out a spot in the boxes to have some room to work. As Betty began to sort through the boxes, I bagged up the donations and sorted out the trash. As you work on a project like this, it is important to move the donations and trash out of the work area as you go. Not only does it create s-p-a-c-e, it also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

There was no shelving on any of the basement walls. Betty had some shelving left over she wanted installed to get some of the items off the floor. (Yeah, a power tool day!)

Before any of the shelving went up, we had to make a run to the local Salvation Army donation site. Two SUV's loaded with very useful items, just not needed by Betty. Once done, we headed back to start installing the shelving. Betty continued to sort and purge, while I started hammerdrilling holes into the walls for the shelves.

There was a group of boxes with family heirlooms that need to be sorted, but they are consolidated in one area. We broke down all the empty boxes and placed them into Betty's car to haul to recycle. Her garage was filled with bags of trashed items ready to be curbed. Along with another truck load of donated items, perhaps this time calling to have them picked up by another charitable agency.

And in the basement, Betty now has a storage area with tons of space. Plenty of room to walk around and begin to think about the plans of turning it into a rec room someday.

Betty did an amazing job getting her basement under control. This was a HUGE task and she conquered it. There is a bit of loose ends to tidy up, but the motivation is there to continue.

When you look at that dreaded area of your home, look at the potential and break the project into small bites so you don't get frustrated. Soon you will find the floor, and you can begin to plan for the future.

What room have you lost control of?


Anonymous said...

My whole house has gotten away from me, though my hubby and I are working on it a little every day. We've got the kitchen just about done (need to move a few things yet), the dining room is now the computer room (which has to be a bit more organized), Most of the living room is done (this is what we're finishing today), laundry has to be done (again, today), and he'll bring me the items from the stairs to go through (today).

Tomorrow will be our upstairs day...completing the nursery and hopefully our bedroom. I can get to the closets hopefully tomorrow too (the linen and medicine ones).

Next big room is the garage as we make it into a usable extra room/rec room.

It's so nice to have my hubby home to do most of this project with me. Doing it at 9 months pregnant is a hassle, that's for sure!

SOUL said...

oh you already know about my place--- and lord knows when i will have the strength to get back to it now. ugh.
did you see my office? before i had my little episode? i was actually motivated.

if my garage looked like that one--i could really get somewhere i think. but no idea how long it'll take to get my strength back.

wanna come visit? haha

i still love my sloth.

my girl came in my room and saw it, and says-- i love it-- you don't even like sloths---- then she was like----ohhhh--- nevermind.

she remembered i was the one who started the whole sloth brigade :))

thanks again..

it reminded me though-- don't ask why or how-- you know i'm only half here most the time anyhow-- but he made me think of your boys... i have a couple things i could send them, but not sure if they are into that kinda thing.
sharks teeth and raw turquoise stones... i've had these for years-- one of each-- i have a girl, as you know-- she could care less. my nephews are grown, so they of course don't care either. your kids are the perfect age to start a collection of sorts???
i will send if they want??

anyhow-- i'll shut up now.

happy weekend babay!

oh lord is this word thing new? i hate them. just so ya know. and if it's not new-- must be lack of oxygen. :))