Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's National Get Organized Month ... ooh, shiny ...

It's National Get Organized month!!  Hooray!!
But before we get into the push for more organization in 2013, let's procrastinate.

Huge fan of SQUIRREL ... of losing focus from time t-SQUIRREL! ... to time.

Ellen DeGeneres did a little bit on her struggles in getting organized and how procrastination leads you down the distracted path of whatever you are attempting to accomplish.

Now that I've spent the last hour or so watching the rest of Ellen's standup, I can get back to business ... uh, what was I doing?

One favorite quotes from Ellen (on hands-free devices):

"If you need both of your hands to do something,
I'm thinking your brain should be in on it too"

What are you procrastinating from doing?

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